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Institute for Christian Studies
Private Collections
  • (Abschiedsrede): “My Brilliant Career"

    Sweetman, Robert; Sweetman, Bob; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-05-26)
    "I am living proof that some very unlikely souls come into their own in the academy. I came into the world as an RH-factor baby in Tokyo, Japan at a time when that was still a life-or-death thing. At a certain point in my first week my body shut down. It took a while for the nurses to catch this and call in the doctors. It took a little while longer to restart my heart, and then longer to find blood donors, on the off chance . . . I am grateful for off chances."
  • Created Beautiful: On LGBTQ Christians in the Church with Eric Van Giessen

    Van Giessen, Eric; Kuipers, Ronald A.; Yett, Danielle; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2022-11-28)
  • Perspective vol. 57 no. 2 (Fall 2023)

    Bergsma, Amy; Blokland, Heidi; Chan, Shana; DeRoo, Neal; deVries, Timothy; Kuipers, Ronald A.; Kirby, Joseph; Mackie, Carolyn; Tebbutt, Andrew; Watson, Joseph; et al. (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-11-01)
  • Perspective vol. 57 no. 1 (Spring 2023)

    Kuipers, Ronald A.; Beattie, Pamela; Carlson, Traver S.; Mackie, Carolyn; Mongeau, Gilles SJ; Simakova, Maria; Strauss, Gideon; Yett, Danielle; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-04)
  • Annual Report 2021-2022 (Institute for Christian Studies)

    Kuipers, Ronald A.; Strauss, Gideon; Acero Ferrer, Héctor; Joosse, James; Webb, Pat; Institute for Christian Studies; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2022-12)

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